An ‘At-a-Glance’ View of Your Law Firm’s Performance.

Law Perform is a simple business performance dashboard for law firms that will “at-a-glance” show you the health of your business.

  • Real-Time Reports
  • Automated Data Integrations
  • Available On Any Device
  • Automated Action Plans

Finding your firm’s benchmark data just became real simple.

Single-System View

Law Perform pulls data from multiple platforms across Marketing, Case Management and Financial metrics giving you a singular dashboard view of your law firm performance.

Auto-Calculated Metrics

Critical metrics to your firm’s success that aren’t always measured: Cost Per Lead (granular to each channel like Facebook, Google and more), Cost Per Acquisition, Unbilled Time vs. Billed Time, Collection Rates by Practice Area, and more.

Access To Data Analysis

Many law firm owners don’t know what a “good” metric is from a “bad” one. Law Perform utilizes established benchmarking data to give you good direction on which you can act to improve your firm’s performance.

The Narrative


You know the story…you fluctuate between having too much work and not having enough and it’s almost always a surprise. In seasons of lack you desperately set up Google Ads and/or overpay a marketing company that over promises and under delivers. It takes months for the marketing to work and you almost always get tons of calls that aren’t even relevant. After wading through the calls and intake process, you are still left dizzy not knowing where the callers came from and where your marketing dollars produced the best leads.

While the work is getting done, you’re never sure what your billing will look like that month across your lawyers and staff so you constantly feel the stress of “trying to make payroll” or just wondering if everyone is fully utilized. Can you take on more clients and maximize revenues or is the team too full?

You look at your financial statements once a year when your CPA estimates your tax obligation, but you never really understand the financial health of your business throughout the year. When you are cash flush you never worry, but when things get tight you can’t wrap your arms around why and everyone around you just must work harder to get out of the hole.

Law Perform produces the story of your business results from marketing through financial performance in a way that no other application does. See clearly where your marketing dollars are going and how effective each channel is so you can make decisions real-time. This app provides a clear picture of the cases you have open by practice area and the on-going work being performed by biller so you can see what has already been billed and your work in-process. After the clients are retained and work is done, this application shows you the financial health of your business in a way that you can start to ask better questions to find solutions for problems and maximize opportunities.

Law Perform gives you greater visibility and control as a business owner over the decisions you are making for your law firm. Gain control of your business instead of feeling like your business is controlling you!

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